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No. Time User SHA256
-r2 (liquid-containers- 2024-04-03T18:52:14Z FacundoDominguez 0b748ba45ecbf02f46492c119907330f579fa3a7c976659d68a1dc67e062632d
  • Changed synopsis from

    LiquidHaskell specs for the containers package
    Old specs for containers

  • Changed description from

    LiquidHaskell specs for the containers package.
    Superseded by liquidhaskell >= 0.9.2.

-r1 (liquid-containers- 2024-04-03T18:46:42Z FacundoDominguez 604be1fb54efc00cd397e21bbebd0f93f0496e5bd70563f62db46dc75e6b5823
  • Changed the library component's library dependency on 'liquidhaskell' from

    >= && <0.9.2

-r0 (liquid-containers- 2023-03-10T14:19:10Z FacundoDominguez c7e5f64adb134b98d61c57b7f801a6e7e1b52c8391d21ebf024740a56dee9a9a