{-# OPTIONS_GHC -Wall -fwarn-tabs #-}

--                                                  ~ 2008.07.20
-- |
-- Module      :  Prelude.Listless
-- Copyright   :  Copyright (c) 2007--2008 wren ng thornton
-- License     :  BSD3
-- Maintainer  :  wren@community.haskell.org
-- Stability   :  stable
-- Portability :  portable
-- This module provides the "Prelude" but removing all the list
-- functions. This is helpful for modules that overload those
-- function names to work for other types.
-- Be sure to disable the implicit importing of the prelude when
-- you import this one (by passing @-fno-implicit-prelude@ for GHC,
-- or by explicitly importing the prelude with an empty import list
-- for most implementations).

module Prelude.Listless
    -- We have to manually specify the exports; can't export @module
    -- Prelude@ because that'll export everything and only hide the
    -- noted parts from this module, which is meaningless.
    (($!), ($), (&&), (.), (=<<), Bool(..), Bounded(..), Char,
    Double, Either(..), Enum(..), Eq(..), FilePath, Float, Floating(..),
    Fractional(..), Functor(..), IO, IOError, Int, Integer,
    Integral(..), Maybe(..), Monad(..), Num(..), Ord(..), Ordering(..),
    Rational, Read(..), ReadS, Real(..), RealFloat(..), RealFrac(..),
    Show(..), ShowS, String, (^), (^^), appendFile, asTypeOf, catch,
    const, curry, either, error, even, flip, fromIntegral, fst,
    gcd, getChar, getContents, getLine, id, interact, ioError, lcm,
    lex, maybe, not, odd, otherwise, print, putChar, putStr, putStrLn,
    read, readFile, readIO, readLn, readParen, reads, realToFrac,
    seq, showChar, showParen, showString, shows, snd, subtract,
    uncurry, undefined, until, userError, writeFile, (||))

import Prelude hiding
    ((!!), (++), all, and, any, break, concat, concatMap, cycle,
    drop, dropWhile, elem, filter, foldl, foldl1, foldr, foldr1,
    head, init, iterate, last, length, lines, lookup, map, mapM,
    mapM_, maximum, minimum, notElem, null, or, product, repeat,
    replicate, reverse, scanl, scanl1, scanr, scanr1, sequence,
    sequence_, span, splitAt, sum, tail, take, takeWhile, unlines,
    unwords, unzip, unzip3, words, zip, zip3, zipWith, zipWith3)

----------------------------------------------------------- fin.