Changelog for list-tries-0.4.2

2012-05-23, 0.4.2: Dependency updates for GHC 7.4, thanks to Anders Kaseorg. 2011-03-17, 0.4.1: Dependency update and Cabalization of the test executable, thanks to JP Moresmau. 2010-09-11, 0.4: Fixed documentation of the 'deletePrefix' function: if the given key is not a prefix of any key, an empty, not unchanged, map/set is returned. Thanks to Brian Bloniarz for the bug report. Fixed bug in the Patricia version of 'deletePrefix' causing it to not delete anything if the prefix to be deleted was a proper prefix of the common prefix. Changed 'children' to return the map as-is instead of converting it into a list first: children :: Trie trie st map k => trie map k a -> CMap trie map k a Added the 'children1' function as a single-level equivalent of 'children', more directly reflecting the structure of the non-Patricia tries. Requested by Brian Bloniarz. children1 :: Trie trie st map k => trie map k a -> CMap trie map k a 2010-09-09, 0.3: Fixed strictness of the strict versions of the following non-Patricia functions: insert, adjust, alter, union, difference, intersection, mapInKeys; as well as the Patricia versions of insert and adjust. Thanks to Brian Bloniarz for the bug report. Applied the static argument transformation throughout, improving performance. Dropped support for containers < 0.3; GHC 6.12 has been out long enough, and support for older versions is too crippled to make it worthwhile. 2010-04-06, 0.2: Dependency update, nothing more. 2009-07-05, 0.1: All tries are now instances of Binary, thanks to Gregory Crosswhite. Adds a dependency on the 'binary' library as well as the following two methods to the Map class in Base.Map: serializeToList :: m k a -> [(k,a)] deserializeFromList :: [(k,a)] -> m k a 2009-04-21, 0.0: Initial release.