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llvm-hs is a set of Haskell bindings for LLVM Unlike other current Haskell bindings, it uses an ADT to represent LLVM IR (, and so offers two advantages: it handles almost all of the stateful complexities of using the LLVM API to build IR; and it supports moving IR not only from Haskell into LLVM C++ objects, but the other direction - from LLVM C++ into Haskell.


Dependenciesarray (>=, base (>=4.7 && <5), bytestring (>=, containers (>=, llvm-hs-pure (==, mtl (>=2.1.3), parsec (>=3.1.3), semigroups (==0.18.*), template-haskell (>=, transformers (>=0.3 && <0.6), transformers-compat (>=0.4), utf8-string (>=0.3.7) [details]
Copyright(c) 2013 Benjamin S. Scarlet and Google Inc.
AuthorAnthony Cowley, Stephen Diehl, Moritz Kiefer <>, Benjamin S. Scarlet
MaintainerAnthony Cowley, Stephen Diehl, Moritz Kiefer <>
CategoryCompilers/Interpreters, Code Generation
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Source repositoryhead: git clone git:// -b llvm-4
UploadedSun Mar 19 07:00:41 UTC 2017 by cocreature



shared-llvmlink against llvm shared rather than static libraryEnabledAutomatic
debugcompile C(++) shims with debug info for ease of troubleshootingDisabledAutomatic
semigroupsAdd semigroups to build-depends for Data.List.NonEmpty. This will be selected automatically by cabal.DisabledAutomatic

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