logfloat- Log-domain floating point numbers

Portabilitysemi-portable (overlapping instances, etc)



The Prelude's Ord class for dealing with ordered types is often onerous to use because it requires Eq as well as a total ordering. While such total orderings are common, partial orderings are moreso. This module presents a class for partially ordered types.



class PartialOrd a whereSource

This class defines a partially ordered type. The method names were chosen so as not to conflict with Ord and Eq. We use Maybe instead of defining new types PartialOrdering and FuzzyBool because this way should make the class easier to use.

Minimum complete definition: cmp


cmp :: a -> a -> Maybe OrderingSource

gt :: a -> a -> Maybe BoolSource

ge :: a -> a -> Maybe BoolSource

eq :: a -> a -> Maybe BoolSource

ne :: a -> a -> Maybe BoolSource

le :: a -> a -> Maybe BoolSource

lt :: a -> a -> Maybe BoolSource