lol- A library for lattice cryptography.

Safe HaskellNone



A pure, repa-based implementation of the Tensor interface.



data RT m r Source

An implementation of Tensor backed by repa.


Tensor RT Source 
Fact m => Functor (RT m) Source 
Fact m => Applicative (RT m) Source 
Fact m => Foldable (RT m) Source 
Fact m => Traversable (RT m) Source 
Eq r => Eq (RT m r) Source 
Show r => Show (RT m r) Source 
(Unbox r, Random (Arr m r)) => Random (RT m r) Source 
(Unbox r, Arbitrary (Arr m r)) => Arbitrary (RT m r) Source 
NFData r => NFData (RT m r) Source 
(ZeroTestable (Arr m r), ZeroTestable (IZipVector m r)) => C (RT m r) Source 
(Unbox r, Additive (Arr m r)) => C (RT m r) Source 
(GFCtx k fp d, Fact m, Additive (RT m fp)) => C (GF k fp d) (RT m fp) Source 
type TElt RT r = (Unbox r, Elt r) Source