manatee-0.0.4: The Haskell/Gtk+ Integrated Live Environment




data TabCloseHistory Source

Tab close history for undo close action.

type Keymap = Map Text ActionSource

Keymap | The design of Keymap is do a friendly, easy keymap interface.

data Action Source

Action just wrap to taken polymorphism function. It won't store polymorphism function. You can use Action wrap any polymorphism functions that input argument is instance of ActionInputArgs and output argument is instance of ActionOutputArgs.


forall a b . (ActionInputArgs a, ActionOutputArgs b) => Action 


actionFun :: a -> IO b

class ActionOutputArgs b whereSource

ActionOutputArgs is class to implement polymorphism result. This class is very useful when you want transform pure function to Keymap. You can return any result that instance of ActionOutputArgs, then system will write those value back to Environment. If you want update those value (such as TVar) yourself, just return `()`.


envPut :: Environment -> b -> IO ()Source

data SignalBox Source

SignalBox build when create socket. Pick info when receive dbus signal. Delete after create new page.

data Window Source

Window contain GtkNotebook for contain tabs.



newtype Tabbar Source

Tabbar Contain all tab in windows. For update tab information in windows. PageId for synchronization with different window. Tabbar corresponding Notebook status.


Tabbar (Map (WindowId, PageModeName) (Seq Tab)) 

data AnythingStartupFun Source

Anything startup function.


AnythingStartupFun (IO ())