manatee-0.0.4: The Haskell/Gtk+ Integrated Live Environment




zoomDefaultSize :: IntSource

The default zoom size.

windowNodeNewInternal :: WindowNodeAttr -> WindowNodeArgs -> IO (WindowNode, WindowNodeList)Source

Internal function for create window node.

windowNodeRemoveOthers :: WindowNode -> WindowNodeArgs -> IO WindowNodeListSource

Remove others window nodes except current window node.

windowNodeGetParentNode :: WindowNode -> WindowNodeList -> IO (Maybe WindowNode)Source

Get parent node of current node.

windowNodeChangeToRoot :: WindowNode -> WindowNodeArgs -> IO ()Source

Change window node to root node.

windowNodeConnectToParent :: WindowNode -> WindowNodeArgs -> IO ()Source

Add window node paned to parent container.

windowNodeConnectToRootContainer :: ContainerClass container => WindowNode -> container -> IO ()Source

Add window node to root container.

windowNodeConnectToParentNodeLeft :: WindowNode -> WindowNodeList -> IO ()Source

Add window node to parent node.

windowNodeConnectToParentNodeRight :: WindowNode -> WindowNodeList -> IO ()Source

Add window node to parent node right.

windowNodePanedNew :: WindowNodeDirection -> IO PanedSource

Get window node paned with indicate split direction.

windowNodePanedRemove :: WindowNode -> WindowNodeArgs -> IO ()Source

Remove node paned from parent container.

windowNodeIsHaveChildNode :: WindowNode -> IO BoolSource

Is haven't any child node.

windowNodeSetSizeRequest :: WindowNode -> WindowNodeList -> (Int, Int) -> IO ()Source

Request node size. If vertical split times is vn, the request height is `height / (2 ^ vn)`. If horizontal split times is hn, the request width is `width / (2 ^ hn)`.

windowNodeGetSplitTimes :: WindowNode -> WindowNodeList -> (Int, Int) -> IO (Int, Int)Source

Get split times of current window node.

windowNodeShow :: WindowNode -> IO ()Source

Show window node.

windowNodeListShow :: WindowNodeList -> IO ()Source

Show window node list.

windowNodeGetZoomDirection :: WindowNode -> WindowNode -> IO ZoomDirectionSource

Get zoom direction of window node.