manatee-core-0.0.1: The core of Manatee.




unique :: [FilePath] -> [(FilePath, FilePath)]Source

Unique file path list.

uniqueDiff :: [(FilePath, Int)] -> [(FilePath, Int)]Source

Different file path.

uniqueDiffInternal :: [(FilePath, Int)] -> [(FilePath, Int)]Source

Internal function for different file path.

uniqueMinDiffDir :: FilePath -> FilePath -> FilePathSource

Get min diff directory.

uniqueGroup :: [(FilePath, Int)] -> ([(FilePath, Int)] -> [(FilePath, Int)]) -> [[(FilePath, Int)]]Source

Group file path with same file name.

uniquePick :: [(FilePath, Int)] -> [(FilePath, Int)]Source

Pick same file name from list.

uniquePick_ :: [(FilePath, Int)] -> [(FilePath, Int)]Source

Pick same path part from list.

uniqueCommon :: [FilePath] -> FilePathSource

Get common path with all file path.