manatee-core-0.0.1: The core of Manatee.




memberNamePrefix :: TextSource

Member name prefix for some name that beginning with digit.

mkMessageSignal :: ObjectPathText -> MemberNameText -> InterfaceNameText -> BusNameText -> [Variant] -> SignalSource

Handy function for build DBus message signal.

mkSystemClient :: IO ClientSource

Build system bus client.

mkSystemClientWithName :: Text -> IO ClientSource

Build system bus client with name.

mkSessionClient :: IO ClientSource

Build session bus client.

mkSessionClientWithName :: Text -> IO ClientSource

Build session bus client with name.

mkStarterClient :: IO ClientSource

Build starter bus client.

mkLocalObject :: [(InterfaceNameText, [(MemberNameText, Member)])] -> LocalObjectSource

Build LoaclObject with Text information, handy!.

export' :: Client -> ObjectPathText -> LocalObject -> IO ()Source

Like export, but instead ObjectPath with ObjectPathText.

mkSignalMember :: SignatureText -> MemberSource

Create Signal Memeber.

mkMethodMember :: SignatureText -> SignatureText -> (MethodCall -> IO ()) -> MemberSource

Create Method Member.

packDigitMemberName :: Text -> TextSource

Pack digit member name for protocol.

unpackDigitMemberName :: Text -> TextSource

Unpack digit member name for protocol.

isBusNameExist :: Text -> IO BoolSource

Check specify bus name whether exist. This function very useful to check dbus process whether exist by check bus name in dbus list.