manatee-core-0.0.1: The core of Manatee.




fileDoesExist :: ByteString -> BoolSource

Check file is exist.

directoryDoesExist :: ByteString -> BoolSource

Check directory is exist.

isDirectory :: ByteString -> BoolSource

Check file path whether directory.

directoryGetFiles :: ByteString -> IO [ByteString]Source

Get files from given directory.

fileInfoGetNameWithType :: FileInfoClass info => info -> ByteStringSource

Get info name with type.

fileInfoGetDisplayNameWithType :: FileInfoClass info => info -> StringSource

Get info name with type.

filepathGetDisplayName :: ByteString -> FilePathSource

Get display name for given filepath.

directoryGetFileInfos :: ByteString -> IO [FileInfo]Source

Get FileInfo list from given directory.

getDirectoryPath :: String -> IO ByteStringSource

We need use absolute *byte string* to identifier a filepath in filesystem. So we need 'directory name' and 'file name' are valid 'byte string', no encoding information. 'Byte string file name' can get by fileEnumeratorNextFile and fileInfoGetName. 'Byte string directory name ' can get by fileEnumerateChildren and fileEnumeratorGetContainer So this function is convert user input directory name (UTF8) to 'byte string'.

fileEnumeratorGetFileInfos :: FileEnumeratorClass enumerator => enumerator -> IO [FileInfo]Source

Get FileInfo list from given FileEnumerator.

compareFileWithType :: (FilePath, FileType) -> (FilePath, FileType) -> OrderingSource

Compare file name with file type. Directory first, then sort file. All sort is alpha sort.

fileInfoGetDescription :: FileInfoClass info => info -> StringSource

Get description for file info.

getAllExecuteFiles :: IO [ByteString]Source

Get all execute files.

launchCommandInTerminal :: String -> IO ()Source

Launch command in terminal.

fileInfoGetIconPixbuf :: FileInfoClass info => info -> IO PixbufSource

Get icon pixbuf.

getIconPixbuf :: IconClass icon => icon -> IO PixbufSource

Get icon pixbuf.