manatee-core-0.0.1: The core of Manatee.




eventKeystoke :: EventM EKey TextSource

Get keystroke value as a text.

eventKeyName' :: EventM EKey TextSource

Like eventKeyName just return Text.

eventKeyName_ :: EventM EKey TextSource

Like eventKeyName return key name, but return symbol when key is corresponding Unicode character.

eventModifierAlias :: Modifier -> TextSource

Modifier alias.

eventKeyNameAlias :: String -> StringSource

Event key name alias

eventModifierAliasList :: [Modifier] -> TextSource

Concat modifier list as alias.

eventModifierMap :: Map Text ModifierSource

Modifier name map.

isUnicodeKey :: EventM EKey BoolSource

Whether key is Unicode character.

eventWindowSize :: EventM EExpose (Double, Double)Source

Get size of event window.