manatee-core-0.0.1: The core of Manatee.




windowNewWithWindowGroup :: WindowGroup -> IO WindowSource

Add window with special window group.

rectangleX :: Rectangle -> IntSource

Get x coordinate of Rectangle.

rectangleY :: Rectangle -> IntSource

Get y coordinate of Rectangle.

rectangleW :: Rectangle -> IntSource

Get width of Rectangle.

rectangleH :: Rectangle -> IntSource

Get height of Rectangle.

socketNew_ :: IO SocketSource

This function like socketNew, but call widgetShow when create. Because Gtk+ said must show GtkScoekt before add to container.

windowIsFullscreen :: Window -> IO BoolSource

Window is full-screen. Notes, just call this function when you have realized window.

frameNewWithShadowType :: Maybe ShadowType -> IO FrameSource

Frame new with shadow type.

widgetRedrawRectangleFrame :: WidgetClass self => self -> Int -> Int -> Int -> Int -> Int -> IO ()Source

Redraw rectangle frame.

widgetHasParent :: WidgetClass widget => widget -> IO BoolSource

Whether the widget has parent.

widgetPropagateEvent :: WidgetClass widget => widget -> SerializedEvent -> IO ()Source

Propagate event on specify widget.

widgetGetScreenSize :: WidgetClass widget => widget -> IO (Int, Int)Source

Get screen size.

imageNewFromIcon :: String -> Int -> IO ImageSource

Create image widget with given icon name and size.

panedAdjustSize :: PanedClass self => self -> Int -> IO ()Source

Set position of paned.

colorToRGB :: Color -> (Double, Double, Double)Source

Convert Color to RGB value.