manatee-mplayer-0.0.1: Mplayer client extension for Manatee.




mplayerInitStatus :: IO MplayerStatusSource

Init mplayer status.

mplayerPlay :: MplayerStatus -> MplayerDaemonSignalArgs -> IO ()Source

Play current select candidate.

mplayerSentinelProcess :: MplayerStatus -> ProcessHandle -> IO ()Source

Sentinel mplayer process. If MVar mplayerStopByCommand is empty, will send DBus signal to mplayer client after current file play finished. Otherwise, consider mplayer process stop by user's command.

mplayerStopInternal :: MplayerStatus -> IO ()Source

Internal function for mplayerStop.

mplayerProcessIsActivated :: TVar (Maybe MplayerHandle) -> IO BoolSource

Check whether mplayer process is activated.

mplayerSendCommand :: MplayerStatus -> String -> Bool -> IO ()Source

Send command to mplayer process.