marquise: Client library for Vaultaire

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Marquise is a collection of a library and two executables for use with Vaultaire.

  1. A client and server library for reading/writing to the vault and spool files. This provides streaming reads and writes to the vault using [pipes](https:/hackage.haskell.orgpackage/pipes) as well as writing to spool files with automatic caching and rotation.

  2. An executable marquised, a daemon which writes data to the vault from spool files generated from users of the marquise library.

  3. An executable data, used for easily inspecting data in the vault as well as marquise cache files.


Versions4.0.0, 4.0.0
Change logNone available
Dependenciesasync, attoparsec, base (>=3 && <5), binary, bytestring (>=0.10.2), containers, cryptohash, data-binary-ieee754, directory, either, errors, fast-logger, filepath, hashable, hslogger, lifted-async, marquise, mmorph, monad-control, monad-logger, mtl, old-locale, optparse-applicative (>=0.11.0), packer, pipes, pipes-attoparsec (>=0.5), pipes-bytestring, pipes-group, semigroups, siphash, text, time, transformers, transformers-base, unix, unordered-containers, vaultaire-common (>=2.8.3), zeromq4-haskell [details]
Copyright© 2013-2015 Anchor Systems, Pty Ltd and Others
AuthorAnchor Engineering <>
MaintainerAnchor Engineering <>
Source repositoryhead: git clone
Executablesdata, marquised
UploadedMon Mar 23 22:56:52 UTC 2015 by fractalcat



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