matlab- Matlab bindings and interface

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Read and write MAT-format Matlab data files.



data MATFile Source

The opaque type of MAT file handles

matOpen :: FilePath -> MATMode -> IO MATFile Source

Open a MAT-file using mode.

matSet Source


:: MATFile 
-> Bool

Global. If true, the variable will be written such that when the MATLAB LOAD command loads the variable, it will automatically place it in the global workspace.

-> String 
-> MXArray a 
-> IO () 

Write array value with the specified name to the MAT-file, deleting any previously existing variable with that name in the MAT-file.

matGet :: MATFile -> String -> IO (Maybe MAnyArray) Source

Read the array value for the specified variable name from a MAT-file.

matRemove :: MATFile -> String -> IO () Source

Remove a variable with with the specified name from the MAT-file.

matList :: MATFile -> IO [String] Source

Get a list of the names of the arrays in a MAT-file.

Convenience whole-file operations

matLoad :: FilePath -> IO [(String, MAnyArray)] Source

Load all the variables from a MAT file

matSave :: FilePath -> [(String, MXArray a)] -> IO () Source

Write all the variables to a new MAT file