mattermost-api: Client API for Mattermost chat system

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Client API for Mattermost chat system

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Versions30802.1.0, 31000.0.0, 40000.0.0, 40000.0.1, 40000.1.0, 40400.0.0, 40400.0.0, 40600.0.0, 40600.1.0, 40700.0.0, 40800.0.0, 40800.0.1, 40800.0.2, 40900.0.0, 40900.1.0, 50200.0.0, 50200.0.1, 50200.1.0, 50200.1.2
Dependenciesaeson (>=, base (>=4.4 && <5), binary (>=0.8.1), bytestring, connection, containers, gitrev, hashable, HTTP, mattermost-api, memory (<0.14.3), microlens, microlens-th, network-uri, pretty-show, process, stm, template-haskell, text, time, unordered-containers, websockets (>= [details]
Copyright2016-2017 Jason Dagit, Getty Ritter, Jonathan Daugherty
AuthorJason Dagit
Source repositoryhead: git clone
Executablesmm-show-raw-events, mm-get-websocket-connection, mm-make-post, mm-get-posts, mm-get-channels, mm-get-teams
UploadedThu Nov 30 01:39:36 UTC 2017 by gdritter





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Client side API for communicating with a Mattermost server, in Haskell.


We use the MaterMost docker image for detecting changes in the API. See .travis.yml or the Mattermost docs for the details.

If you are testing your changes locally during development, you will want to run the script ./test/

Note: The script will stop and remove a docker container named mattermost-preview.

Note: The tests can only be run once against a given Mattermost instance. This is because the scripts currently assume they can create an initial admin user.

Note: The scripts assume the instance is reachable on localhost:8065 over plain HTTP.

For use in production we use TLS, but for testing purposes we avoid the certificate setup.

Our Versioning Scheme

This library uses the same versioning scheme as matterhorn, see Our Versioning Scheme. The short version is that in ABBCC.X.Y, the ABBCC corresponds to Mattermost server version A.BB.CC and the X.Y portion of the version string corresponds to the version of mattermost-api package releases.