mellon-core- Control physical access devices

Copyright(c) 2017 Quixoftic LLC
MaintainerDrew Hess <>
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In mellon-core, controllers are the intermediary between the mellon-core state machine, the physical access device, and the user who wants to control the device. The user interacts directly only with the controller, not with the physical access device or the state machine.

A controller provides two commands to the user: lock and unlock. User lock commands are effective immediately, and the device remains locked until the user runs a subsequent unlock command. User unlock commands are effective immediately, but also take a UTCTime argument that specifies the date at which the controller will automatically lock the device again.

A controller's behavior is determined by the mellon-core state machine. See the Mellon.StateMachine module for a detailed description of the state machine's operation.

This module re-exports the default (and, currently, only) controller implementation.