miniplex-0.2.2: simple 1-to-N interprocess communication



Synchronous message receiving.



data Source Source


attach :: String -> IO SourceSource

attach tag returns a message source connected to the sink created by a call to System.Miniplex.Sink.create tag. If no such sink exists, an exception is thrown.

read :: Source -> IO StringSource

Synchronously reads a message from a source (i.e. it blocks if there is currently no message available).

getMsgs :: Source -> IO [String]Source

Returns a lazy list of all messages arriving at a source (like System.IO.hGetContents).

detach :: Source -> IO ()Source

Disconnects from a message sink. The detached source becomes invalid and must not be used again.

withSource :: String -> (Source -> IO a) -> IO aSource

Helper function to simplify resource handling. withSource tag body creates a source, calls body, then disconnects the source, even if body throws an exception.