module-management-0.13: Clean up module imports, split and merge modules

Safe HaskellNone



Functions to control the state variables of MonadClean.



modifyRemoveEmptyImports :: MonadClean m => (Bool -> Bool) -> m ()Source

If this flag is set, imports that become empty are removed. Sometimes this will lead to errors, specifically when an instance in the removed import that was required is no longer be available. (Note that this reflects a limitation of the -ddump-minimal-imports option of GHC.) If this happens this flag should be set. Note that an import that is already empty when cleanImports runs will never be removed, on the assumption that it was placed there only to import instances. Default is True.

modifyHsFlags :: MonadClean m => ([String] -> [String]) -> m ()Source

Modify the list of extra flags passed to GHC. Default is [].

modifyDryRun :: MonadClean m => (Bool -> Bool) -> m ()Source

Controls whether file updates will actually be performed. Default is False. (I recommend running in a directory controlled by a version control system so you don't have to worry about this.)

modifyTestMode :: MonadClean m => (Bool -> Bool) -> m ()Source

If TestMode is turned on no import cleaning will occur after a split or cat. Default is False.