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-- | This module defines suspension functors for use with the "Control.Monad.Coroutine" module.

module Control.Monad.Coroutine.SuspensionFunctors
    -- * Suspension functors
    Yield(Yield), Await(Await), Request(Request), EitherFunctor(LeftF, RightF),
    yield, await, request

import Control.Monad (Monad)
import Control.Monad.Coroutine (Coroutine, resume, suspend)

-- | The 'Yield' functor instance is equivalent to (,) but more descriptive.
data Yield x y = Yield x y
instance Functor (Yield x) where
   fmap f (Yield x y) = Yield x (f y)

-- | The 'Await' functor instance is equivalent to (->) but more descriptive.
newtype Await x y = Await (x -> y)
instance Functor (Await x) where
   fmap f (Await g) = Await (f . g)

-- | The 'Request' functor instance combines a 'Yield' of a request with an 'Await' for a response.
data Request request response x = Request request (response -> x)
instance Functor (Request x f) where
   fmap f (Request x g) = Request x (f . g)

-- | Combines two alternative functors into one, applying one or the other. Used for nested coroutines.
data EitherFunctor l r x = LeftF (l x) | RightF (r x)
instance (Functor l, Functor r) => Functor (EitherFunctor l r) where
   fmap f (LeftF l) = LeftF (fmap f l)
   fmap f (RightF r) = RightF (fmap f r)

-- | Suspend yielding a value.
yield :: Monad m => x -> Coroutine (Yield x) m ()
yield x = suspend (Yield x (return ()))

-- | Suspend until a value is provided.
await :: Monad m => Coroutine (Await x) m x
await = suspend (Await return)

-- | Suspend yielding a request and awaiting the response.
request :: Monad m => x -> Coroutine (Request x y) m y
request x = suspend (Request x return)