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-- | This module defines the Ticker cofunctor, useful for 'ticking off' a prefix of the input.

module Control.Cofunctor.Ticker
    -- * The Ticker type
    -- * Using a Ticker
    cofmap, splitTicked, 
    -- * Various Ticker constructors
    tickNone, tickOne, tickCount, tickPrefixOf, tickWhilePrefixOf, tickWhile, tickUntil, tickAll, andThen

-- | This is a cofunctor data type for selecting a prefix of an input stream. If the next input item is acceptable, the
-- ticker function returns the ticker for the rest of the stream. If not, it returns 'Nothing'.
newtype Ticker x = Ticker (x -> Maybe (Ticker x))

-- | 'Ticker' happens to be a cofunctor, but there is no standard class declaration to declare it an instance of.
cofmap :: (x -> y) -> Ticker y -> Ticker x
cofmap f (Ticker g) = Ticker (fmap (cofmap f) . g . f)

-- | Extracts a list prefix accepted by the 'Ticker' argument. Returns the modified ticker, the prefix, and the
-- remainder of the list.
splitTicked :: Ticker x -> [x] -> (Ticker x, [x], [x])
splitTicked t [] = (t, [], [])
splitTicked t@(Ticker f) l@(x:rest) =
   maybe (t, [], l) (\t' -> let (t'', xs1, xs2) = splitTicked t' rest in (t'', x:xs1, xs2)) (f x)

-- | A ticker that accepts no input.
tickNone :: Ticker x
tickNone = Ticker (const Nothing)

-- | A ticker that accepts a single input item.
tickOne :: Ticker x
tickOne = Ticker (const $ Just tickNone)

-- | A ticker that accepts a given number of input items.
tickCount :: Int -> Ticker x
tickCount n | n > 0 = Ticker (const $ Just $ tickCount (pred n))
            | otherwise = tickNone

-- | A ticker that accepts the longest prefix of input that matches a prefix of the argument list.
tickPrefixOf :: Eq x => [x] -> Ticker x
tickPrefixOf list = tickWhilePrefixOf (map (==) list)

-- | A ticker that accepts a prefix of input as long as each item satisfies the predicate at the same position in the
-- argument list. The length of the predicate list thus determines the maximum number of acepted values.
tickWhilePrefixOf :: [x -> Bool] -> Ticker x
tickWhilePrefixOf (p : tail) = Ticker $ \x-> if p x then Just (tickWhilePrefixOf tail) else Nothing
tickWhilePrefixOf [] = tickNone

-- | A ticker that accepts all input as long as it matches the given predicate.
tickWhile :: (x -> Bool) -> Ticker x
tickWhile p = t
   where t = Ticker (\x-> if p x then Just t else Nothing)

-- | A ticker that accepts all input items until one matches the given predicate.
tickUntil :: (x -> Bool) -> Ticker x
tickUntil p = t
   where t = Ticker (\x-> if p x then Nothing else Just t)

-- | A ticker that accepts all input.
tickAll :: Ticker x
tickAll = Ticker (const $ Just tickAll)

-- | Sequential ticker combinator: when the first argument ticker stops ticking, the second takes over.
andThen :: Ticker x -> Ticker x -> Ticker x
andThen (Ticker t1) t@(Ticker t2) = Ticker (\x-> maybe (t2 x) (\t1'-> Just (andThen t1' t)) (t1 x))