mongoDB-0.6.1: A driver for MongoDB



Miscellaneous general functions



ignore :: Monad m => a -> m ()Source

snoc :: [a] -> a -> [a]Source

add element to end of list (snoc is reverse of cons, which adds to front of list)

bitOr :: Bits a => [a] -> aSource

bit-or all numbers together

(<.>) :: UString -> UString -> UStringSource

Concat first and second together with period in between. Eg. "hello" <.> "world" = ""

loop :: (Functor m, Monad m) => m (Maybe a) -> m [a]Source

Repeatedy execute action, collecting results, until it returns Nothing

true1 :: Label -> Document -> BoolSource

Is field's value a 1 or True (MongoDB use both Int and Bools for truth values). Error if field not in document or field not a Num or Bool.