Build #3 for morfette-0.4.5

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Package morfette-0.4.5
Install BuildFailed
Docs NotTried
Tests NotTried
Time submitted 2018-09-18 08:47:20.853192899 UTC
Compiler ghc-8.4.3
OS linux
Arch x86_64
Dependencies QuickCheck-2.12.4, array-, base-, binary-, bytestring-, containers-, directory-, filepath-1.4.2, mtl-2.2.2, pretty-, text-, utf8-string-0.3, vector-
Flags none

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Resolving dependencies...
Configuring erf-
Configuring primitive-
Building primitive-
Building erf-
Installed erf-
Configuring random-1.1...
Building random-1.1...
Installed random-1.1
Configuring utf8-string-0.3...
Building utf8-string-0.3...
Installed utf8-string-0.3
Installed primitive-
Configuring tf-random-0.5...
Configuring vector-
Building vector-
Building tf-random-0.5...
Installed tf-random-0.5
Configuring QuickCheck-2.12.4...
Building QuickCheck-2.12.4...
Installed QuickCheck-2.12.4
Installed vector-
Configuring morfette-0.4.5...
Building morfette-0.4.5...
Failed to install morfette-0.4.5
Build log ( /home/builder/.cabal/logs/ghc-8.4.3/morfette-0.4.5-6PL7lUh3PpxC0aBipy9dke.log ):
cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-20551/morfette-0.4.5'
Configuring morfette-0.4.5...
Preprocessing executable 'morfette' for morfette-0.4.5..
Building executable 'morfette' for morfette-0.4.5..
[ 1 of 28] Compiling GramLab.Binomial ( src/GramLab/Binomial.hs, dist/build/morfette/morfette-tmp/GramLab/Binomial.o )
[ 2 of 28] Compiling GramLab.Commands ( src/GramLab/Commands.hs, dist/build/morfette/morfette-tmp/GramLab/Commands.o )

src/GramLab/Commands.hs:50:15: error:
    Ambiguous occurrence ‘<>’
    It could refer to either ‘Prelude.<>’,
                             imported from ‘Prelude’ at src/GramLab/Commands.hs:1:8-23
                             (and originally defined in ‘GHC.Base’)
                          or ‘Text.PrettyPrint.<>’,
                             imported from ‘Text.PrettyPrint’ at src/GramLab/Commands.hs:9:84-87
                             (and originally defined in ‘Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ’)
50 |     text name <> text ":"
   |               ^^
cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-20551/morfette-0.4.5'
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
morfette-0.4.5-6PL7lUh3PpxC0aBipy9dke failed during the building phase. The
exception was:
ExitFailure 1