mueval-0.4: Safely evaluate Haskell expressionsSource codeContentsIndex
cleanModules :: [String] -> Bool
defaultModules :: [String]
unsafed :: String -> Bool
cleanModules :: [String] -> BoolSource
Return false if any of the listed modules cannot be found in the whitelist.
defaultModules :: [String]Source
Modules which we should load by default. These are of course whitelisted. Specifically, we want the Prelude because otherwise things are horribly crippled; we want SimpleReflect so we can do neat things (for said neat things, see; and we want ShowQ and ShowFun to neuter IO stuff even more.
unsafed :: String -> BoolSource
Return true if the String contains anywhere in it any keywords associated with dangerous functions. Unfortunately, this blacklist leaks like a sieve and will return many false positives (eg. unsafed id "unsafed" -> True). But it will at least catch naive and simplistic invocations of unsafePerformIO, inlinePerformIO, and unsafeCoerce.
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