multiarg- Combinators to build command line parsers

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



This is sample code using System.Console.MultiArg. This could be a command-line parser for the version of the Unix command tail that is included with GNU coreutils version 8.5. main simply gets the command line arguments, parses them, and prints out what was parsed. To test it out, simply compile an executable that looks like this and then feed it different options:

 import System.Console.MultiArg.SampleParser
 main = sampleMain Intersperse


 import System.Console.MultiArg.SampleParser
 main = sampleMain StopOptions

The code in the module is the sample code; the sample code is not in the Haddock documentation! If you're reading this in Haddock, you will want to also take a look at the actual source code.