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== Introduction

When using multiple ReaderT's or StateT's in the same monad stack, it becomes necessary to lift the operations in order to affect a specific transformer. Using heterogenous lists (type level functions), a GADT and a corresponding type class, this package provides transformers that remove that necessity: MultiReaderT/MultiStateT can contain a heterogenous list of values.

The type inferred for the getter/setter determines which value is read/written.

== Example

 simpleExample :: IO ()
 simpleExample = evalMultiStateT
               $ withMultiState 'H'
               $ withMultiState "ello, World!"
               $ do
   -- the monad here is MultiStateT '[String, Char] IO
   let combinedPrint = do       -- no type signature necessary
         c  <- mGet             -- type of mGet inferred to be m Char
         cs <- mGet             --              inferred to be m String
         lift $ putStrLn (c:cs)
   mSet 'J'                     -- similarly for the setter

The output is:

 Hello, World!
 Jello, World!

( you can find both this and a more complex example in an executable in the package. )

== Error Messages

If you try to execute an action that requires a specific type in the state, but the current state does not contain that type, the error message is something like

 No instance for (Control.Monad.MultiState.ContainsType Foo '[])

where Foo is the missing type.

== Known Deficits

This package currently lacks a complete set of lifting instances, i.e. instance definitions for classes such as mtl's MonadWriter over the newly introduced monad transformers, as in

 instance (MonadWriter w m) => MonadWriter w (MultiStateT c m) where ..

These lifting instances would be necessary to achieve full compatability with existing transformers. Ping me if you find anything specific missing.

== Changelog

 Null        -> '[]
 Cons a Null -> '[a]
 Cons a b    -> a ': b
 TNull       -> HNil
 TCons a b   -> a :+: b


Versions0.1.1, 0.1.2,,,,,,,,,,
Change logNone available
Dependenciesbase (>=4.6 && <4.8), mtl (>=2.1 && <2.3), multistate, transformers (>=0.3 && <0.5) [details]
CopyrightJan Bracker, Lennart Spitzner
AuthorJan Bracker, Lennart Spitzner
MaintainerLennart Spitzner <>
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Executablesmultistate-example, multistate-test
UploadedWed Jan 21 23:15:16 UTC 2015 by lspitzner




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