music-score-1.7.1: Musical score and part representation.

Portabilitynon-portable (TF,GNTD)
Safe HaskellNone




Provides a representation for tremolo, i.e. rapid iterations of a note.



newtype TremoloT a Source




getTremoloT :: Couple (Max Word) a


Monad TremoloT 
Functor TremoloT 
Typeable1 TremoloT 
Applicative TremoloT 
Foldable TremoloT 
Comonad TremoloT 
HasBackendNote NoteList a => HasBackendNote NoteList (TremoloT a) 
HasBackendNote Midi a => HasBackendNote Midi (TremoloT a) 
HasBackendNote SuperCollider a => HasBackendNote SuperCollider (TremoloT a) 
HasBackendNote Lilypond a => HasBackendNote Lilypond (TremoloT a) 
HasBackendNote MusicXml a => HasBackendNote MusicXml (TremoloT a) 
Bounded a => Bounded (TremoloT a) 
Enum a => Enum (TremoloT a) 
Eq a => Eq (TremoloT a) 
Floating a => Floating (TremoloT a) 
Fractional a => Fractional (TremoloT a) 
(Real a, Enum a, Integral a) => Integral (TremoloT a) 
Num a => Num (TremoloT a) 
Ord a => Ord (TremoloT a) 
(Num a, Ord a, Real a) => Real (TremoloT a) 
Show a => Show (TremoloT a) 
Semigroup a => Semigroup (TremoloT a) 
Wrapped (TremoloT a)

Unsafe: Do not use Wrapped instances

IsDynamics a => IsDynamics (TremoloT a) 
IsPitch a => IsPitch (TremoloT a) 
Augmentable a => Augmentable (TremoloT a) 
Alterable a => Alterable (TremoloT a) 
Transformable a => Transformable (TremoloT a) 
Reversible a => Reversible (TremoloT a) 
Tiable a => Tiable (TremoloT a) 
HasSlide a => HasSlide (TremoloT a) 
HasTremolo (TremoloT a) 
HasText a => HasText (TremoloT a) 
HasHarmonic a => HasHarmonic (TremoloT a) 
Rewrapped (TremoloT a) (TremoloT b) 
HasPitches a b => HasPitches (TremoloT a) (TremoloT b) 
HasPitch a b => HasPitch (TremoloT a) (TremoloT b) 
HasDynamics a b => HasDynamics (TremoloT a) (TremoloT b) 
HasDynamic a b => HasDynamic (TremoloT a) (TremoloT b) 
HasArticulations a b => HasArticulations (TremoloT a) (TremoloT b) 
HasArticulation a b => HasArticulation (TremoloT a) (TremoloT b) 

tremolo :: HasTremolo a => Int -> a -> aSource

Set the number of tremolo divisions for all notes in the score.