named-binary-tag: NBT (named binary tag) serialization and deserialization.

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This project was created because the old nbt package has had a 1-liner open issue preventing compilation for 2 years now at the time of writing, despite submitting a pull request to fix it.

While I was at it, I went ahead and changed the data structure to use konsumlamm's rrb-vector package instead of lists or unboxed arrays for more well-rounded asymptotics.

StrictData is also turned on, and some functions are exported for reading/writing NBT files that remove some of the old boilerplate code.

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Dependencies base (>=4.16.0 && <4.18), bytestring (>=0.11.3 && <0.12), cereal (>=0.5.8 && <0.6), containers (>=0.6.6 && <0.7), indexed-traversable (>=0.1.2 && <0.2), rrb-vector (>= && <0.2), text (>=2.0.1 && <2.1), zlib (>=0.6.3 && <0.7) [details]
License MIT
Author David Garland
Category Data
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Uploaded by davidgarland at 2022-10-11T14:43:59Z


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A replacement for the old nbt package, because that one has been defunct for 2 years due to missing a single-line fix.

There are also a few improvements(?) made while I was at it:


import Data.Nbt qualified as Nbt
import Data.Serialize

main :: IO ()
main = do
  shouldBeNbt <- Nbt.readCompressed "level.dat" :: IO (Either String Nbt') -- see also "Nbt.readUncompressed"
  case shouldBeNbt of
    Left err -> putStrLn err
    Right nbt -> do
      print nbt
      Nbt.writeCompressed "anotherlevel.dat" nbt -- see also "Nbt.writeUncompressed"

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