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Dependenciesbase (==4.6.*), containers (>=0.5), random (>=1.0) [details]
AuthorFederico Tomassetti
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UploadedTue Oct 7 20:21:53 UTC 2014 by ftomassetti



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A name generator written in Haskell


samples <- loadSamples path -- samples is just a list of Strings
let language = fromSamples samples
let myGeneratedName = generateName language seed -- seed could be ontained from a Random Generator

Obtaining data

This name generator analyze a set of samples and derive the probability of a certain sequences of characters. For example, in Italian the sequence 'mp' is always followed by a vowel. By analyzing a samples of Italian names, the library will derive this rule and provide a name generator which have a probability equal to 0.0 for all the sequences 'mp' -> consonant.

A set of samples for different categories of names in different languages is provided in the related project namegen-data.

New, original languages can be obtaines simply by using a set of samples obtained by mixing different sets. If you take 100 Elvish male names, 200 names of Japanese cities and 70 Spanish female names you will obtain a pretty unique new name generator which you can use in you fantasy world.