narc-0.1: Query SQL databases using Nested Relational Calculus embedded in Haskell.




sortAlist :: [(String, b)] -> [(String, b)]Source

onCorresponding :: Ord a => ([b] -> c) -> [(a, b)] -> [c]Source

shadow: given two alists, return the elements of the first that are NOT mapped by the second

Tests that an alist or environment is well-formed: that its first | components are all unique.

intSqrt :: Integral a => a -> aSource

disjoint :: Eq a => [a] -> [a] -> BoolSource

asList :: Maybe a -> [a]Source

Convert a maybe to a zero-or-one-element list.

mapstrcat :: String -> (a -> String) -> [a] -> StringSource

zipAlist: given two alists with the same domain, returns an alist mapping each of those domain values to the pair of the two corresponding values from the given lists.

mapstrcat: transform a list to one of strings, with a given | function, and join these together with some glue string.