Changelog for net-mqtt-

Changelog for net-mqtt

Introduced Filter type alias to distinguish from Topic.

Reintroduced timeout management at the protocol layer, dropping a connection when a pong response hasn't come in in a while (~3x longer than the current 30s ping rate). This was mostly after noticing mosquitto do really weird things where it seemed to just forget about all my active connections (other clients figured that out and dropped and reconnected).

Fixed up github links.

Added Network.MQTT.Topic with match to test Topics against wildcards.

Added connectURI to make it easier to connect to mqtt or mqtts via URI.

No externally visible changes, but a few bug fixes I found when writing an application that published in QoS < 2. QoS 0 would likely not transmit (which is probably fine according to the spec, but not very desirable) and QoS1 didn't check its ACKs, so it would continue to retry after the server ACKd the message.

API Change

Subscriber callbacks now include the MQTT client as the first argument. This breaks a circular dependency that prevented callbacks from being able to publish messages easily.


Updated to stackage LTS 13.2