nettle-frp-0.1: FRP for controlling networks of OpenFlow switches.



Module that can be used to generate UDP traffic using a signal function that outputs packets and displays information on the local console.



type TrafficGenerator = SF () (Event PacketSendCommand)Source

The type of signal function that can be used to generate UDP traffic.

type PacketSendCommand = [(IPAddress, UDPPort, String)]Source

A packet send command is a list of triples including the destination address, the UDP port, and the payload (as a String).

type ConsoleMessage = StringSource

A console message is simply a string.

type UDPPort = Word16Source

A UDP port is a 16 bit number.

driveTrafficGenerator :: SF () (Event PacketSendCommand, Event ConsoleMessage) -> IO ()Source

Drive (i.e. run) a traffic generator.