nettle-openflow-0.1: High level configuration and control of computer networks.




This module implements parsing and unparsing functions for OpenFlow messages. It exports a driver that can be used to read messages from a file handle and write messages to a handle.


Driver and Server

messageDriver :: TCPMessageDriver (TransactionID, SCMessage) (TransactionID, CSMessage)Source

A message driver for use with TCP servers.



:: ServerPortNumber

TCP port at which the server will listen for connections.

-> IO (Process (TCPMessage (TransactionID, SCMessage)) (SockAddr, (TransactionID, CSMessage)) IOException)

A process providing a method to read SCMessages from switches, a method write CSMessages to switches, and terminates with an IOException.

openFlowServer portNum starts a TCP server listening for new connections at portNum and returns a process that can be used to receive OpenFlow events and send OpenFlow messages.

Parsing and unparsing methods

getSCMessage :: Get (TransactionID, SCMessage)Source

Parser for SCMessages

putCSMessage :: (TransactionID, CSMessage) -> PutSource

Unparser for CSMessages