netwire-3.1.0: Fast generic automaton arrow transformer for AFRP

MaintainerErtugrul Soeylemez <>




Wires for signal accumulation.


General accumulator

accum :: WirePure >~ => a -> Wire e >~ (a -> a) aSource

General accumulator. Outputs the argument value at the first instant, then applies the input function repeatedly for subsequent instants. This acts like the iterate function for lists.

  • Depends: current instant.

Special accumulators

countFrom :: (Enum b, WirePure >~) => b -> Wire e >~ a bSource

Count upwards from the given starting value.

countStep :: (Num b, WirePure >~) => b -> Wire e >~ b bSource

Count from the given starting value, repeatedly adding the input signal to it.

  • Depends: current instant.

Specific instances

atFirst :: WirePure >~ => (b -> b) -> Wire e >~ b bSource

Apply the given function at the first instant. Then act as the identity wire forever.

  • Depends: Current instant.