network-anonymous-i2p-0.10.0: Haskell API for I2P anonymous networking

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Socket related types



type HostName = HostName Source

Alias for a hostname

type PortNumber = PortNumber Source

Alias for a port number

data SocketType Source

Socket types



Virtual streams are guaranteed to be sent reliably and in order, with failure and success notification as soon as it is available. Streams are bidirectional communication sockets between two I2P destinations, but their opening has to be requested by one of them.


While I2P doesn't inherently contain a FROM address, for ease of use an additional layer is provided as repliable datagrams - unordered and unreliable messages of up to 31744 bytes that include a FROM address (leaving up to 1KB for header material). This FROM address is authenticated internally by SAM (making use of the destination's signing key to verify the source) and includes replay prevention.


Squeezing the most out of I2P's bandwidth, SAM allows clients to send and receive anonymous datagrams, leaving authentication and reply information up to the client themselves. These datagrams are unreliable and unordered, and may be up to 32768 bytes.