network-bitcoin-1.2.2: An interface to bitcoind.

Safe HaskellNone



Contains the common types used through bitcoin RPC calls, that aren't specific to a single submodule.



data Auth Source

Auth describes authentication credentials for making API requests to the Bitcoin daemon.




rpcUrl :: Text

URL, with port, where bitcoind listens

rpcUser :: Text

same as bitcoind's rpcuser config

rpcPassword :: Text

same as bitcoind's rpcpassword config


data BitcoinException Source

A BitcoinException is thrown when 'callApi encounters an error. The API error code is represented as an Int, the message as a String.

It may also be thrown when the value returned by the bitcoin API wasn't what we expected.

WARNING: Any of the functions in this module's public API may throw this exception. You should plan on handling it.


BitcoinApiError Int Text

A BitcoinApiError has an error code error message, as returned by bitcoind's JSON-RPC response.

BitcoinResultTypeError ByteString

The raw JSON returned, if we can't figure out what actually went wrong.

type HexString = TextSource

A string returned by the bitcoind API, representing data as hex.

What that data represents depends on the API call, but should be dcumented accordingly.

type TransactionID = HexStringSource

A hexadecimal string representation of a 256-bit unsigned integer.

This integer is a unique transaction identifier.

data Satoshi Source

A satoshi is the smallest subdivision of bitcoins. For the resolution, use resolution from Fixed.



type BTC = Fixed SatoshiSource

The type of bitcoin money, represented with a fixed-point number.

type Account = TextSource

An account on the wallet is just a label to easily specify private keys.

The default account is an empty string.

type Address = HexStringSource

An address for sending or receiving money.

data ScriptSig Source

I don't know what this is. A signature of some sort? If you know, please submit a patch documenting this properly!