Changelog for newsynth-0.2

ChangeLog v0.2 2014/03/12 (2014/03/12) NJR, PS1 - Added the new gridsynth algorithm from N. J. Ross and P. Selinger, "Optimal ancilla-free Clifford+T approximation of z-rotations", arXiv:1403.2975. Added a module GridProblem for solving one- and two-dimensional grid equations, and a module Diophantine for solving a Diophantine equation. Removed the now obsolete Newsynth algorithm, and replaced it by a backward compatibile interface to the new algorithm. New modules GridSynth, QuadraticEquation, and StepComp. Additions and minor improvements to EuclideanDomain, LaTeX, Matrix, and Ring. New executable gridsynth. v0.1.1.0 2014/02/05 (2014/02/04) PS1 - new functions euclid_divides and euclid_associates. (2014/02/04) PS1 - changed 'lobit' and improved its asymptotic efficiency. (2014/02/04) PS1 - fixed a bug in the ShowLaTeX instance of Rational. (2014/02/04) PS1 - added profiling options. (2014/02/03) PS1 - eliminated common subexpressions in gridpoints. (2014/02/03) PS1 - made fromDyadic an operation of the HalfRing class, and improved its efficiency. v0.1.0.0 2013/12/14 (2013/12/13) PS1 - added new rings DComplex and QComplex. Improvements to the ring QOmega. (2013/12/13) PS1 - more uniform naming of rings. Old names DInteger, DReal, EReal, DComplex, EComplex have become ZRootTwo, DRootTwo, QRootTwo, DRComplex, and QRComplex, respectively. (2013/12/13) PS1 - adjusted output syntax to remove Unicode and make output parseable. (2013/12/13) PS1 - refactored as a Cabal package. (2013/12/11) PS1 - removed erroneous Adjoint2 instances for Double and Float. (2013/12/11) PS1 - removed dependency on numbers package, removed Random instance for FixedPrec (this is now in fixedprec package). (2013/12/11) PS1 - added EmptyDataDecls pragma, to keep GHC happy. (2013/12/10) PS1 - removed some unnecessary type class dependencies. (2013/09/25) PS1 - added "alternate" version of multi-qubit synthesis algorithm, using only generators of determinant 1 if possible. (2013/09/25) PS1 - renamed some constructors and deconstructors for matrices. Release 2013/09/02 Released as part of Quipper 0.5. (2013/07/08) PS1 - moved definitions of U2 and SO3 to Matrix.hs. (2013/07/05) PS1 - added RotationDecomposition module. Release 2013/06/19 Initial public release, as part of Quipper 0.4.