newsynth-0.2: Exact and approximate synthesis of quantum circuits

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This module provides an efficient symbolic representation of the Clifford group on one qubit. This group is generated by S, H, and the scalar ω = eiπ/4. It has 192 elements.


The Clifford group

data Clifford Source

A type representing single-qubit Clifford operators.


clifford_X :: CliffordSource

The Pauli X-gate as a Clifford operator.

clifford_Y :: CliffordSource

The Pauli Y-gate as a Clifford operator.

clifford_Z :: CliffordSource

The Pauli Z-gate as a Clifford operator.

clifford_H :: CliffordSource

The Hadamard gate as a Clifford operator.

clifford_S :: CliffordSource

The Clifford operator S.

clifford_SH :: CliffordSource

The Clifford operator SH.

clifford_E :: CliffordSource

The Clifford operator E = HS3ω3. This operator is uniquely determined by the properties E³ = I, EXE⁻¹ = Y, EYE⁻¹ = Z, and EZE⁻¹ = X.

clifford_W :: CliffordSource

The Clifford operator ω = eiπ/4.

class ToClifford a whereSource

A type class for things that can be exactly converted to a Clifford operator. One particular instance of this is String, so that Clifford operators can be denoted, e.g.,

 to_clifford "-iX"

The valid characters for such string conversions are "XYZHSEIWi-".


to_clifford :: a -> CliffordSource

Convert any suitable thing to a Clifford operator.


clifford_decompose :: ToClifford a => a -> (Int, Int, Int, Int)Source

Given a Clifford operator U, return (a, b, c, d) such that

  • U = EaXbScωd,
  • a ∈ {0, 1, 2}, b ∈ {0, 1}, c ∈ {0, …, 3}, and d ∈ {0, …, 7}.

Here, E = HS3ω3. Note that E, X, S, and ω have order 3, 2, 4, and 8, respectively. Moreover, each Clifford operator can be uniquely represented as above.

data Axis Source

A axis is either I, H, or SH.



clifford_decompose_coset :: ToClifford a => a -> (Axis, Int, Int, Int)Source

Given a Clifford operator U, return (K, b, c, d) such that

  • U = KXbScωd,
  • K ∈ {I, H, SH}, b ∈ {0, 1}, c ∈ {0, …, 3}, and d ∈ {0, …, 7}.

Group operations

clifford_id :: CliffordSource

The identity Clifford operator.

clifford_mult :: Clifford -> Clifford -> CliffordSource

Clifford multiplication.

clifford_inv :: ToClifford a => a -> CliffordSource

Clifford inverse.

Conjugation by T

clifford_tconj :: Clifford -> (Axis, Clifford)Source

Given a Clifford gate C, return an axis K ∈ {I, H, SH} and a Clifford gate C' such that

  • CT = KTC'.