nsis-0.3.1: DSL for producing Windows Installer using NSIS.

Safe HaskellNone



Module for updating environment variables. All functions take either HKLM to modify the variable for the machine, or HKCU to modify for the user.

Warning: If you are modifying PATH, make sure you use a special build of NSIS which can cope with longer strings, or you will corrupt your users path.



getEnvVar :: HKEY -> Exp String -> Exp String Source #

Read a variable from the registry. If you are not modifying the variable you should use envVar instead.

setEnvVar :: HKEY -> Exp String -> Exp String -> Action () Source #

Set an environment variable by writing to the registry.

deleteEnvVar :: HKEY -> Exp String -> Action () Source #

Delete the environment variable in the registry.