octane-0.16.1: Parse Rocket League replays.

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This module is responsible for building the class property map, which maps class IDs to a map of property IDs to property names. This map is the cornerstone of the replay stream parser.



getClassPropertyMap :: ReplayWithoutFrames -> IntMap (IntMap Text) Source #

The class property map is a map from class IDs in the stream to a map from property IDs in the stream to property names.

getPropertyMap :: ReplayWithoutFrames -> IntMap Text Source #

The property map is a mapping from property IDs to property names.

getActorMap :: ReplayWithoutFrames -> Bimap Text Int Source #

The actor map is a mapping from class names to their IDs.

getClass Source #


:: Monad m 
=> IntMap Text

Property ID to property name

-> Map Text Text

Property name to class name

-> Map Text Int

Class name to class ID

-> Int

property ID

-> m (Int, Text)

Maybe class ID and class name

Gets the class ID and name for a given property ID.