openid- An implementation of the OpenID-2.0 spec.




data AXFieldTy Source

Some common, useful Attribute Exchange specs.

type AXFieldVal = (AXFieldTy, String)Source

Used to store responses.

axEmailRequired :: ParamsSource

The simplest use case is to request the user's email. This would be used to replace traditional verification emails.



:: [AXFieldTy]

params we want them to send in the id_res mode verification

-> Params 

Use these functions to roll your own list of fields to request when you send an auth request



:: String

alias. it doesn't really matter what this is as long as we're consistent

-> [AXFieldTy]

params we require in the id_res mode verification

-> Params 

specify the alias as well as the list of requested fields

getAxFields :: Params -> [AXFieldVal]Source

Retrieve the requested fields from the HTTP request params. Keep | in mind the spec does not require that the OpenID Provider return | any of our requested fields, even on a successful verification.