openid- An implementation of the OpenID-2.0 spec.

Copyright(c) Trevor Elliott 2008
MaintainerTrevor Elliott <>
StabilityPortability :
Safe HaskellNone






Request Interface

makeRequest :: Bool -> Resolver IO Source #

Perform an http request. If the Bool parameter is set to True, redirects from the server will be followed.

HTTP Utilities

Request/Response Parsing and Formatting

parseDirectResponse :: String -> Params Source #

Turn a response body into a list of parameters.

formatParams :: Params -> String Source #

Format OpenID parameters as a query string

formatDirectParams :: Params -> String Source #

Format OpenID parameters as a direct response

escapeParam :: String -> String Source #

Escape for the query string of a URI

addParams :: Params -> URI -> URI Source #

Add Parameters to a URI

parseParams :: String -> Params Source #

Parse OpenID parameters out of a url string