optimization-0.1.3: Numerical optimization

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Conjugate gradient methods



:: (Num a, RealFloat a, Additive f, Metric f) 
=> LineSearch f a

line search method

-> Beta f a

beta expression

-> (f a -> f a)

gradient of function

-> f a

starting point

-> [f a]


Conjugate gradient method with given beta and line search method

The conjugate gradient method avoids the trouble encountered by the steepest descent method on poorly conditioned problems (e.g. those with a wide range of eigenvalues). It does this by choosing directions which satisfy a condition of A orthogonality, ensuring that steps in the unstretched search space are orthogonal. TODO: clarify explanation

Step size methods

Beta expressions

type Beta f a = f a -> f a -> f a -> aSource

A beta expression beta df0 df1 p is an expression for the conjugate direction contribution given the derivative df0 and direction p for iteration k, df1 for iteration k+1

fletcherReeves :: (Num a, RealFloat a, Metric f) => Beta f aSource

Fletcher-Reeves expression for beta

polakRibiere :: (Num a, RealFloat a, Metric f) => Beta f aSource

Polak-Ribiere expression for beta

hestenesStiefel :: (Num a, RealFloat a, Metric f) => Beta f aSource

Hestenes-Stiefel expression for beta