Changelog for pandoc-citeproc-0.3.1

pandoc-citeproc (0.3.1) * Mark final heading (if present) as "unnumbered". Pandoc's algorithm will not number it correctly since it's in a Div. And it's not good practice to number a bibliography section heading anyway. See pandoc #1277. * Treat empty `references` (empty string) in metadata as empty list. * Fixed titlecase transformation of words containing `'`. * Fixed punctuation in notes. * Updated chicago-author-date.csl and locales. * `FromJSON` for `Formatted`: Handle block lists as well as inline lists. * Require `yaml >=`. This fixes a problem wherein dates with integer components would be printed using decimal points in yaml output. * Fixed spacing problem with citations in notes in footnote styles. Closes pandoc #1036. * Move punctuation inside quotes, depending on style. This is activated by the `punctuation-in-quote` locale option, which has a default per locale but can be overridden in the style. This gives more flexibility. (Thanks to Jesse Rosenthal.) * Moved `isPunctuationInQuote` to `Text.CSL.Style` and rewrote. Previously it was in `Text.CSL.Output.Pandoc`. It doesn't need to use generics and no longer does. * Fixed recognition of "byzantine" names. Names with curly apostrophes were being counted as non-byzantine, and printed given-first with no space. Closes #39. * Fixed representation of reference types to conform to CSL: `motion_picture`, `legal_case`, `musical_score`, `personal_communication`. Closes #24. pandoc-citeproc ( * Require ghc-prim if ghc < 7.6 (needed for generics). pandoc-citeproc (0.3) * Removed biblio2yaml. Instead, use pandoc-citeproc with the --bib2yaml or --bib2json option. (#20) * pandoc-citeproc --bib2json will convert bibtex/biblatex to CSL compatible JSON bibliographies. * Updated locale files for correct textual date ranges in e.g. the da-DK locale. Use form="ordinal" instead of a period as suffix. (#16, #18) * Support new langid and langidopts biblatex fields. (#11) * Made test-pandoc-citeproc work in all locales. (#19) It now tests the executable rather than the library function. * Fixed disambiguation with multivolume works (#14). * Improved titlecase/unTitlecase to be sensitive to colons, question marks, and exclamation marks, after which the next character sohuld be capitalized even in sentence case (pandoc #1102). * The "locale" filed in metadata will now override a style's default locale. This can also be set by the command line: --metadata locale=fr-FR (#10). * Use CSL-compatible date-parts for dates in YAML/JSON bibliographies. * Made FromJSON for Reference more forgiving. Suitable strings are coerced into integer values. (pandoc #1094) * Fixed extra punctuation at end of footnote (#13). * Reference: Always use array in JSON for dates, agents. * Bibtex parser: Don't fail on entry with no title. * Bibliography output: 'given' is now a string, not an array. The string will be split on spaces into a list of given names. Note that an array can also be used. But we write a plain string, to match the citeproc json schema. * Fixed spacing bug in date ranges (#7). * Names: Fixed formatLabel so it works for editortranslator. This fixes a bug for cases where editor = translator (#9). * Text.CSL.Eval.Date: Fixed bugs with date ranges. Ranges within the same year were raising an error "Prelude.init: empty list" (#7). * Util: Export tr' and init'. * Text.CSL.Proc.Disamb: Correct definition of allTheSame. * Improved disambiguation. Now we correctly handle the case with no author but title. * Consider names too when determining date disambiguations. Previously if you had two distinct names needing disambiguation for the same date, the letters would not start over with 'a' for the second name. * Added Generic instances for the types in Style and Reference.