penny-lib- Extensible double-entry accounting system - library

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered




render :: (GroupingSpec, GroupingSpec) -> RadGroup -> Posting -> Maybe TextSource

Renders a Posting. Fails if any of the components fail to render. In addition, if the unverified Posting has an Entry, a Format must be provided, otherwise render fails.

The columns look like this. Column numbers begin with 0 (like they do in Emacs) rather than with column 1 (like they do in Vim). (Really Emacs is the strange one; most CLI utilities seem to start with column 1 too...)

 A    0      4     Blank spaces for indentation
 B    4      50    Flag, Number, Payee, Account, Tags
 C    54     2     Blank spaces for padding
 D    56     NA    Entry

Omit the padding after column B if there is no entry; also omit columns C and D entirely if there is no Entry. (It is annoying to have extraneous blank space in a file).