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PEZ is a generic zipper library. It uses lenses from the fclabels package to reference a location to move to in the zipper. The zipper is restricted to types in the Typeable class, allowing the user to move up through complex data structures such as mutually-recursive types.

Both the Typeable class and fclabels lenses can be derived in GHC, making it easy for the programmer to use a zipper with a minimum of boilerplate.

First import the library, which brings in the Typeable and fclabels modules. You will also want to enable a few extensions:

 -- Put these in a LANGUAGE pragma:
 -- TemplateHaskell, DeriveDataTypeable, TypeOperators
 module Main where

 import Data.Typeable.Zipper

Create a datatype, deriving an instance of the Typeable class, and generate a lens using functions from fclabels:

 data Tree a = Node
     _leftNode :: Tree a
   , _val      :: a
   , _rightNode :: Tree a
   | Nil
   deriving (Typeable,Show)

 $(mkLabelsNoTypes [''Tree])

Now we can go crazy using Tree in a Zipper:

 treeBCD = Node (Node Nil 'b' Nil) 'c' (Node Nil 'd' Nil)

 descendLeft :: Zipper1 (Tree a) -> Zipper1 (Tree a)
 descendLeft z = case (viewf z) of
                      Nil -> z
                      _   -> descendLeft $ moveTo leftNode z

 insertLeftmost :: a -> Tree a -> Tree a
 insertLeftmost x = close . setL focus x . descendLeft . zipper

 treeABCD = insertLeftmost 'a' treeBCD

Because of the flexibility of fclabels, this zipper library can be used to express moving about in reversible computations simply by defining such a lens, for instance:

 stringRep :: (Show b, Read b) => b :-> String
 stringRep = lens show (const . read)

Please send any feature requests or bug reports along.


Versions 0.0.1, 0.0.2, 0.0.3, 0.0.4, 0.1.0
Dependencies base (==4.*), fclabels (>= && <0.12), thrist (==0.2.*) [details]
License BSD3
Copyright Brandon Simmons, 2011
Author Brandon Simmons
Stability Experimental
Category Data
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Uploaded Thu Apr 28 00:28:30 UTC 2011 by BrandonSimmons
Distributions NixOS:0.1.0
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