The pg-harness package


This is a REST service for conveniently creating temporary PostgreSQL databases. It is intended for use from tests.

Simply install, update the configuration INI file to suit your setup, and run as a system service (e.g. via systemd, upstart or similar) -- see the @SETUP.txt@ file for details on what is required of the database setup.

Once the service is running you can do a HTTP POST to it to create a temporary database. For example,

> $ curl -d '' http://localhost:8900 > pg-harness-test:pg-harness-pass@db:5432/temp_ba36rk6rqvs92wbofk55sz5k3pcl0u74x

The response indicates that the temporary database "@temp_ba36rk6rqvs92wbofk55sz5k3pcl0u74x@" has been created on the database server "@db@" (port 5432) and made available to the user "@pg-harness-test@" using the password "@pg-harness-pass@".

The database will automatically be destroyed after a configurable duration, though any temporary databases that have not been destroyed when the service is stopped will stay around.

__NOTE__: No attempt has been made to prevent DoS attacks, so you should __NOT__ run this on any network facing the public Internet. It is only meant for development LANs which are firewalled off.


Versions0.1.0, 0.1.0, 0.1.2, 0.2.0, 0.2.1
Dependenciesasync (>= && <3), base (==4.*), ini (==0.2.*), postgresql-simple (>=0.4.2 && <0.5), random (==1.0.*), scotty (>=0.7.0 && <0.8), text (>=1.1.0 && <2), transformers (>=0.4.1 && <0.5) [details]
CopyrightCopyright (c) 2014 Bardur Arantsson
AuthorBardur Arantsson
CategoryDatabase Testing Web
UploadedThu Dec 4 16:13:35 UTC 2014 by BardurArantsson


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