pid1- Do signal handling and orphan reaping for Unix PID1 init processes

Safe HaskellSafe




run Source #


:: FilePath

command to run

-> [String]

command line arguments

-> Maybe [(String, String)]

optional environment variable override, default is current env

-> IO a 

Run the given command with specified arguments, with optional environment variable override (default is to use the current process's environment)..

This function will check if the current process has a process ID of 1. If it does, it will install signal handlers for SIGTERM and SIGINT, set up a loop to reap all orphans, spawn a child process, and when that child dies, kill all other processes (first with a SIGTERM and then a SIGKILL) and exit with the child's exit code.

If this process is not PID1, then it will simply exec the given command.

This function will never exit: it will always terminate your process, unless some exception is thrown.