pinboard-0.5: Access to the Pinboard API

Copyright(c) Jon Schoning, 2015
Safe HaskellNone






getPostsRecent Source


:: Maybe [Tag]

filter by up to three tags

-> Maybe Count

number of results to return. Default is 15, max is 100

-> Pinboard Posts 

posts/recent : Returns a list of the user's most recent posts, filtered by tag.

getPostsForDate Source


:: Maybe [Tag]

filter by up to three tags

-> Maybe Date

return results bookmarked on this day

-> Maybe Url

return bookmark for this URL

-> Pinboard Posts 

posts/get : Returns one or more posts on a single day matching the arguments. If no date or url is given, date of most recent bookmark will be used.

getPostsAll Source


:: Maybe [Tag]

filter by up to three tags

-> Maybe StartOffset

offset value (default is 0)

-> Maybe NumResults

number of results to return. Default is all

-> Maybe FromDateTime

return only bookmarks created after this time

-> Maybe ToDateTime

return only bookmarks created before this time

-> Maybe Meta

include a change detection signature for each bookmark

-> Pinboard [Post] 

posts/all : Returns all bookmarks in the user's account.

getPostsDates Source


:: Maybe [Tag]

filter by up to three tags

-> Pinboard PostDates 

posts/dates : Returns a list of dates with the number of posts at each date.

getPostsMRUTime :: Pinboard UTCTime Source

posts/update : Returns the most recent time a bookmark was added, updated or deleted.

getSuggestedTags :: Url -> Pinboard [Suggested] Source

posts/suggest : Returns a list of popular tags and recommended tags for a given URL. Popular tags are tags used site-wide for the url; Recommended tags are drawn from the user's own tags.

addPost Source


:: Url

the URL of the item

-> Description

Title of the item. This field is unfortunately named description for backwards compatibility with the delicious API

-> Maybe Extended

Description of the item. Called extended for backwards compatibility with delicious API

-> Maybe [Tag]

List of up to 100 tags

-> Maybe DateTime

creation time for this bookmark. Defaults to current time. Datestamps more than 10 minutes ahead of server time will be reset to current server time

-> Maybe Replace

Replace any existing bookmark with this URL. Default is yes. If set to no, will throw an error if bookmark exists

-> Maybe Shared

Make bookmark public. Default is "yes" unless user has enabled the "save all bookmarks as private" user setting, in which case default is "no"

-> Maybe ToRead

Marks the bookmark as unread. Default is "no"

-> Pinboard () 

posts/add : Add a bookmark

deletePost :: Url -> Pinboard () Source

posts/delete : Delete an existing bookmark.


getTags :: Pinboard TagMap Source

tags/get : Returns a full list of the user's tags along with the number of times they were used.

renameTag Source


:: Old

note: match is not case sensitive

-> New

if empty, nothing will happen

-> Pinboard () 

tags/rename : Rename an tag, or fold it in to an existing tag

deleteTag :: Tag -> Pinboard () Source

tags/delete : Delete an existing tag.


getUserSecretRssKey :: Pinboard Text Source

user/secret : Returns the user's secret RSS key (for viewing private feeds)

getUserApiToken :: Pinboard Text Source

user/api_token : Returns the user's API token (for making API calls without a password)


getNoteList :: Pinboard NoteList Source

notes/list : Returns a list of the user's notes (note text detail is not included)

getNote :: NoteId -> Pinboard Note Source

notes/id : Returns an individual user note. The hash property is a 20 character long sha1 hash of the note text.